Tyra Oldham

Thought Leader
Business Strategist

Tyra Oldham is a Business and Social Futurist, identifies emergent trends, turns ideas into reality and consults on technology, social change and the interfaces that impact our world.

Tyra spent her career as a multidisciplinary professional working across industries giving her the ability to solve problems, identify trends and build capacity for her clients. She welcomes you to learn more about her. She is proud to have assisted organizations, entrepreneurs, CEOs and organizations to achieve their goals and turn what was once an idea to a reality.


Dr. Tyra Oldham is a Transformational Thought Leader and Solutions Expert. She has dedicated the last 20 years of her career providing business solutions to multi-nationals, non-profits and to small businesses. She rises to the needs of her clients by exceeding their goals and transforming their ideas, programs, products and strategies for organizations with 100% success.

Organizational Transformation

Forward thinking that motivates people and changes systems for increased growth possibilities.

Dynamic Consulting

Interactive and integrational consulting delivers effective, efficient and fluid solutions impacting people, systems, human interface and social issues that forge the success of communication, brands and development.

Social Change Solutions

Delivery of social solutions concerning gender, cultural and racial issues that impact communities, organizations and systems while managing development, policy and performance.

Technology Impacts

The biggest issues today are technological leaps, development and specifically human interface. Focus on delivering improvements, techniques, content of solutions in driving innovation and managing user interface.

Developed Theories


The GAP: a seminal predictive method to explore new innovations, exploit current business opportunities, identify new and changing events that impact the nature of participants’ industry and/or business.


The Nexus Effect is a theory that explores decision making and information contained within the Nexus. We all live and work within a nexus. This nexus allows us to think, gather information and understand our reality. The ability to understand the nexus is to deep dive on connections and relatable effects in-time and across time to discern impacts, decision-making and implications for our world.


The need to change the way we view diversity is critical to the longevity of all businesses and organizations. This theory introduces a strategic platform to understand and implement diversity on next frontier for discovering how to bridge the gap between racial, social and economic impacts that necessitate system, dialogue and supply chain leadership in organizations, C-suites and institutions.

About Tyra

Ready to engage and support your needs, Tyra Oldham is a Business and Social Futurist identifying emergent trends and turns ideas into reality. Consultation services include theories on emerging
technology, social change and interfaces that impact our world.

Tyra is caring and responsive to the things that matter today and into the future. She develops and creates solutions to address the issues that impact us in business, socially and infrastructurally.

Motivational Architect
Inspire and Build Change

Showing people, organizations and communities how to envision and utilize their individuality and opportunity in a world of power and economics.

Business / Organizational Solutions


There is a need to build better solutions by considering the varied factors of inter-relational interactions (Nexus) in data and environments. The use of empathy within the Nexus can create radical change within decision-making to produce specific outcomes that shape our lives, businesses, organizations and the world for solutions that can be sustained and produce economic growth.

The GAP Principle

This series helps you identify areas to close The GAPs in relationships, business and technology providing you with new innovations and smart solutions for growth through change.


As we view the world, sustainable thinking is the hallmark of how we should live and work. Thinking through a sustainable lens will drive individual, organizations and communities to thrive in transformational times of economics, socialization, technology and intelligence.


As a futurist, Tyra identifies emergent trends that can assist leaders and institutions in determining next steps, gaps, innovation and potential opportunities that are often overlooked.

Artificial intelligence (AI)
Technological Interface
Semiotics & Culture
Human Interface
Women’s New Role
Internet of Things (IoT)
Technological Leaps

Global Experience

Tyra Oldham has traveled widely around the world observing and participating in the cultural influences on businesses, economics and women. She has traveled to the greatest cities and to date has been to 39 countries.


Tyra is passionate in writing about organizational and social impacts. She has authored over 3500 articles to date. Her writing includes research, white papers and books.


“Rural and Urban Connections – Sustainable Planning, Kentucky Science & Innovation”

“Team Member. Labyrinth Community Development. City of Louisville Economic Development”

“Analysis of Natural Gas Industry”

“Analysis of OEM’s in Automotive” 

“The Self-Esteem Guide for Women”

“Women Love Yourselves”

“Women in Leadership: Reaching the Glass Ceiling”

“The Black Female Leader”

“Smart Grid Smart Solutions”

“Sustainability Infrastructure Connection of Rural to Urban: Food Desserts”

“Sustainability Development Solutions”

“Diversity Solutions”

“People of Color and the Glass Ceiling”

“The impact of cultural relevancy within the learning environment”

“Big Data on Energy – The Impact of Structured and Unstructured Data on Energy”

“IDC Publication Co-Author: Attivio: Unified Information Access on a Solid Search Base”

“IDC Publication Co-Author: Polyspot: Unified Information Access Vendor Offers Flexibility and Performance.”

“Text of a Nation”


Coming Soon!

“The Black Woman Super Hero”


Media Features:

Tyra has been featured on High Gain, Yahoo News, NPR, Cincinnati Herald, Cincinnati Enquirer, Business Courier, Issue NBC, Government and Small Business Talk Show, BDPA Radio and SoapBox.

Tyra Oldham

Thought Leader & Business Strategist

Dr. Tyra Oldham is a Business and Social Futurist identifying emergent trends, turning ideas into reality, consulting and speaking on technology, social change and the interfaces that impact our world, businesses and society.

Tyra uses her multidisciplinary training to help businesses and organizations navigate through change. She rises to the needs of her clients by meeting their goals and transforming organizations, leaders, systems and people from their ideas to products and projects with overwhelming success.

Dr. Oldham welcomes the opportunity to support your organization. She is a global thinker and delivers solutions in the following areas:

  • Training- cross training and development.
  • Strategies and idea development for Business/Organizations
  • Problem solving dynamics
  • Inclusion and Diversity solution
  • Cross Management Dynamic
  • Human Interface and Dynamics
  • Technologies impact of artificial intelligence, smart technologies, Internet of Things

Tyra is passionate in her writing about the organizational and social impacts. She has authored over 3500 articles plus to date. Her writing includes research, white papers and books.


Tyra Oldham is a dedicated strategist expert, devising solutions for organizations and leaders through a platform she developed at Miami University to generate success. Her awards in sustainability have driven her to increase capacity, talent and answers for today’s businesses, leaders and ideas to unleash innovation, capacity and growth. Tya delivers boutique, targeted and informed solutions that support goals, personnel and effective leadership.

Dr. Tyra Oldham is a Transformational thought leader and Solutions Expert. She has dedicated the last 20 years of her career providing business solutions to multi-nationals, non-profits and to small businesses.  She delivers a powerful cross communication to create a platform for all people to share ideas and appreciate how together we can close The GAPs© on local, social and world issues that led her to be recognized for her sustainability, green and diversity solutions. She benefits her clients by viewing projects through her unique lens which allows her to capture vision and identify solutions with a multidisciplinary approach she has developed. Tyra has delivered her theories to diverse groups, teams and CEOs spanning manufacturing, technology, government, and economic development.

Dr. Tyra Oldham is a powerful interactive and educational speaker.  An author of over 3500 articles, papers, research and three books dedicated to employing change solutions in thinking and leadership. She is a “futurist” and “ideaist” (developer of ideas) having the talent to see, predict and determine future GAPs in business, as well as trends based on historical data, human dynamics and the expansion of technology.

She is shaped by her background and years in business, working with owners and leading CEOs.

Her methods are informed by:




Systems engineering

Human dynamics

Change management

Thinking Sustainability

Cognitive Work Analysis

Tyra has worked with CEOs and new business ventures to assist in their development and change orientation. Her background in manufacturing, Kaizen, quality supply chain, supplier development and diversity talent has equipped her with tools to design plans and procedures for organizations and individuals.

She is a diversified entrepreneur and founder of LANDSDS, a sustainability management, consulting and construction company providing development, research in energy, and inclusion solutions in the field of construction and development.  She is a founder of LEVERAG an inclusion group producing diversity, talent sourcing and management for institutions and businesses. She has recently founded HUMASYST Global human dynamics, human interface and solutions company. Tyra has spent her career providing solutions in projects, leadership, human systems, supply chain, people management for expansion and growth of leaders and organizations.  As an advocate for women, and inclusion, she addresses the vital role women play in the development of society and business.

Tyra’s ultimate goal for each client is to deliver sustainable solutions and reduce risks overlooked by Leaders, startups, OEMs, Government, Leaders and Corporate entities nationally and globally.

Dr. Tyra Oldham is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and artist.


Tyra holds PhD, MBA and BS. Oldham achieved her PhD in Organizational Development, MBA in Information Technology and Operations and certification in Women Studies from Miami University, certification from Moscow Business School in International Business and from Harvard University on Race and Inclusion. She has used her scholarship to research the economic transitions in South Africa, Russia and Europe. Her in Kaizen, LEAN, Just-in-Time, and Constraint Management provides her with the tools to improve work and organizational change. Further, she has taught Entrepreneurship, Operations, Organizational Change and Development at Xavier and Miami University. 


I am a venture entrepreneur and solutions expert with a passion to assist others to get to their goals. I am a consultant, author, artist and inventor. My passion to deliver ideas, strategies and solutions to people and organizations all started at an early age listening to my father solve problems in his business and my mother manage social and educational issues with in the city of Cincinnati.

In life, we have profound experiences that shape us. One such experience was when my father was contracted to install a large tree near French Lick, Indiana. Large equipment dug holes that as a child’s eye appeared massive. As I carefully stood on the edge of this huge hole which would house a future tree, it became apparent that there was more than planting a tree that meets the eye.  Planting a tree required information on dimensions, safety, depth and relationships to other trees. 

More than fun, it became a learning experience thinking of root systems, water and the life of this large tree which required such a big space and depth to take root. I was 4 and at that moment I looked up and I became a systems thinker. Thinking of the size, height, diameter and all the potential things that this deep cavity in the earth could do and be, I then became analytical. My mother told me later in life that I was always an organized thinker and I always simulated events and actions.

I was Born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised by two amazing parents who provided me with “rich” life. My mother told me I was always an organized and creative thinker as a child; today I use that same innate talent in my business and social life. My mother, Bettye Oldham was a strong civic leader, social entrepreneur and advocate for her city and others. She loved the arts and surrounded herself with beautiful things and people. She served on the Symphony, Ballet and many other boards during a  the time when this was extremely rare for Black woman.  My father, Robert T Oldham was a conservative successful contractor who understood the importance of networking and politics as one of the largest contractors in Ohio. He was very instrumental in teaching me how to analyze situations and identify valuable solutions for all parties involved. He taught me “Never be bothered by “NO” because you didn’t have it in the first place,” as well as “move it once”. My mother gave her experiences of the world through travel, education and art. My first international trip was when I was two and my first flight was at 18 months. My parents were my first Heroes and that remains today.

To date, I have been to 39 countries and this view provided me a global opportunity of the world and allowed me to master cultural communication and understanding the value that is brought to situations by appreciate others. This global exposure gave me the ability to communicate not only across diverse cultural backgrounds but professional as well. It carved my appreciation for world foods and the arts.

At the age of two, I attended Cincinnati Country Day where Mr. Hopple, Mrs. Rothchild and Mrs. Rice. They were inspirations and shaped my life. Mr. Hopple was a tall compassionate man who broke the racial barriers by opening Cincinnati Country Day’s door to African Americans students; partially due to persuasion of the local Urban League under the influence of my passionate and directed mother.

I made my first speech at age 6 in a what would be considered a mega church in today’s standards and of course I don’t remember what I spoke on, just that it was the beginning of a life full of exploration of ideas, speaking and teaching and later art. When I was 10, I wrote and published my first poetry book which included wonderful etchings by the famous Tom Shaw. I made $700 from book sales and the entrepreneur in me was ignited!

When I was two, Mrs. Rothchild, my teacher and the founder of the Country Day Schools in America, was a Holocaust survivor who shared her story with me including the tattooed identification number which remained on her arm. This exposure intrigued me and was the catalyst of my passion to understand what empowers some groups to overcome obstacles and why other groups find it so challenging. I made it a point to go to Holocaust camps around the world to understand more about the human experience, diverse cultures and history.  The great historian, John Hope Franklin introduced me, as did my father, to the importance of history which led to data and the meaning by facts. Further, Dr. Franklin introduced me to what would be my undergraduate Alma Mater, Fisk University. This education was powerful and filled me with life, learning and grace. I went on to seek more education gaining a Master of Business, Women’s Studies Degree, International Business from Russia, Doctorate and Racial Reconciliation for Harvard. My life has been filled with experiences that I share with my clients to effect change and assist them in gaining their goals.

Sustainability & Green Leader

Awards and prestigious Grant for her black and white photography

Who’s Who In Poetry

Award for painting

Awarded the prominent title of Kentucky Colonel,

Mayoral proclamation for Health in Families

Honored as “40 Under 40” by the Business Courier

Honored by the National Business Caucus

LANDSDS was selected for Book of Lists for Entrepreneurship and Leading Minority Business for two years in a row



Tyra is a creative photographer, author and mixed media artist connecting painting, voice and words to give context to her work. She studied under Tarrence Corbin an artist of abstracts. She has been awarded a premier artist grant by the city of Cincinnati delivering art, photography and poetry as her medium. She has been recognized by Who’s Who of Poetry and awarded artist recognition for her abstract acrylics. Tyra wrote her first poetry which included prolific art from Thomas Shaw at the age of ten.  She uses art as a medium to communicate humanity and experiences as well as understand the visual perceptions and varied communication to support businesses and leadership.

consultant & coaching

Tyra uses her multidisciplinary training to help businesses and organizations navigate through change. She rises to the needs of her clients by meeting their goals and transitions organizations, leaders, systems and people from their ideas to products and projects with overwhelming success.


Tyra speaks on current topics and future trends detailing how each impacts our lives and businesses.
She is an illuminating speaker and engages her audience. Her topics are fluid to meet the needs of her

Top Topics

Emergent Trends
Artificial Intelligence
Social Dynamics
Advancing Communications
Women and Power
Technology Disruptions
Creatives in Business
Digital Divide
Three Biggest Things Impacting Us Today

Additional Speaking Topics:​

Human Interface Technology

The Internet Of Things (IOT)

Diversity and the Power of Inclusion

Sustainability and The Future Trends

Motivating Women to Power

Smart Grid Changing Technology

book Tyra

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Valuing and measuring what has been achieved to date

Article Published
Art Work Released


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The focus on power is an element of leadership to manage, lead, inspire and potentially deliver an adverse effect when not understood.

The role and use of power is a discourse, research and focus to assist organizations and their leadership to examine how power is delivered and communicated while understanding the feedback and responsibility it wields. There are patterns of power that when unchecked or misapplied and delivered ineffectively impact the organization directly and indirectly across its ecosystem.

The Power Principle assists in defining the role of power, its tools and relational dynamic. Journey with us and contact me in learning how to apply and use the Power Principle.

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An Empathetic Economy© is one that produces, conceives and implements services and solutions that impact communities, policies, organizations and programs that are born out of compassionate. Many industries already have empathy within their construction. When this empathy is applied it advances communication, identifies problems, reduces risks and develops solutions. We can support and assist you in delivering an Empathetic Economy© in your institution, organization and leadership.

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Consider the organizational changes that have taken place over the last ten years. The next ten and twenty years will produce significant changes in intelligence, technology, systems and human capital. 

The Multidisciplinary Institute is focused on training, developing and implementing teams, organizations and thinkers to expand their knowledge and produce solutions through decision-making using an approach that recognizes different disciplinary interactions to deliver new intelligence within organizations. This approach expands upon the specialization focus to view the whole organization through mixed lens which opens the opportunity to identify gaps or areas that specialization can no longer identify on their own. Organizations can now benefit from this cross-thinking approach to root out problems and drive solutions. 

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Join in the Conversation

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