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“Ideas Are Real And What You Imagine Can Come True. Learn How To Work With Available Resources.”

About Tyra

Tyra Oldham is a business and social futurist who identifies emergent trends, turns ideas into reality, and consults on technology, social change and the interfaces that impact our world.

She’s spent her career as a multidisciplinary professional working across industries giving her the ability to solve problems and build capacity for her clients. She welcomes you to learn more about her. She is proud to have assisted organizations, entrepreneurs, CEOs and organizations to achieve their goals and turn what was once an idea to a reality.


Dr. Tyra Oldham is a Transformational Thought Leader and Solutions Expert. She has dedicated the last 20 years of her career providing business solutions to multi-nationals, non-profits and to small businesses. She rises to the needs of her clients by exceeding their goals and transforming their ideas, programs, products and strategies for organizations with 100% success.

Organizational Transformation

Forward thinking that motivates people and changes systems for increased growth possibilities.

Dynamic Consulting

Forward thinking that motivates people and changes systems for increased growth possibilities.

Social Change Solutions

Delivery of social solutions concerning gender, cultural and racial issues that impact communities, organizations and systems while managing development, policy and performance.

Technology Impacts

The biggest issues today are technological leaps, development and specifically human interface. Focus on delivering improvements, techniques, content of solutions in driving innovation and managing user interface.

Developed Theories

The GAP: a seminal predictive method to explore new innovations, exploit current business opportunities, identify new and changing events that impact the nature of participants’ industry and/or business.

The Nexus Effect is a theory that explores decision making and information contained within the Nexus. We all live and work within a nexus. This nexus allows us to think, gather information and understand our reality. The ability to understand the nexus is to deep dive on connections and relatable effects in-time and across time to discern impacts, decision-making and implications for our world.

The need to change the way we view diversity is critical to the longevity of all businesses and organizations. This theory introduces a strategic platform to understand and implement diversity on the next frontier for discovering how to bridge the gap between racial, social and economic impacts that necessitate system, dialogue and supply chain leadership in organizations, C-suites and institutions.

More research, theories and insightful content can be found on my blog here.

THe Author

Tyra is passionate in writing about organizational and social impacts. She has authored over 3500 articles to date. Her writing includes research, white papers and books.

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Tyra is available for personal coaching, speaking engagements, book signings, consulting and training for your organization.

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