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Frequently Asked Questions

Your budget is important and together we can explore ways to deliver the right service within your budget. Small and startups are provided special rates. The goal is to devise a budget based on your organization’s needs. I look forward to supporting you

Today there are various ways to engage in payment. Bitcoin, credit, cash, checks, and other forms of tender are accepted.

Travel arrangements including airfare, hotel, and per diems are expenses associated with consultation, contractor and speaking engagements. These costs are incorporated into client fees.

In order to simplify the event budgeting process, some organizations prefer all-inclusive fees. We are happy to accommodate these requests. Please provide us with the hotel rate and we will check flights for your event dates. We will then provide an all-inclusive quote and pay for the travel expenses directly. Clients are invoiced once for an all-inclusive fee and not subject to unexpected travel expenses.

We aware that each organization and person has varying budgets within this understanding fees are negotiable and varied to accommodate budgets and cost factors.

All work and services are contracted. Consulting and speaking contracts are delivered separately; therefore, consulting is negotiated with a deposit.

We accept wire transfers and direct deposits and all information will be provided upon request.

Tyra is an interactive speaker and can use presentation platforms, as well as speak without. When using presentation platforms electric, screens, projector and stand are provided by the host. If these items cannot be provided please advise. We will accommodate your needs.

Typically, Tyra wears pants suits. She can accommodate business casual, casual and/or wear the attire that reflects the culture of the organization or the goal of the event. Please advise especially if you have a color specific or religious requirement.

As areas and cultures have their own unique foods. Please advise if there is a food specificity that supports the organization or event.

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Tyra’s ultimate goal for each client is to deliver sustainable solutions and reduce risks overlooked by Leaders, startups, OEMs, Government, Leaders and Corporate entities nationally and globally.