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Calling Caregivers

The first Caregivers call for all caregivers to support caregivers who continue to support others during this important time.

It is time to care for caregivers during the COVID-19 crisis. April 21st was the first National Caregivers Call.

I understand that caregivers are the backbone of so many lives and deliver healthcare services that are needed. Caregivers are remarkable people who give of their time, energy and often put their own lives on pause. It is important to take time to care and be concerned for the caregivers, who are a vital part to others.

Who Cares for You? Is the important question.

The call was to support, celebrate and provide information to Caregivers, during this time.

The call invited all those who care for others (children, partners, spouses, healthcare, supporters, etc.)

As a caregiver myself for ten years I understand the need to care for caregivers. “I want to support caregivers and uplift them as they do the hard work of caring for others.”

I look forward to having another call soon and creating a platform for the support and care of caregivers. My goal is to support 100, 1000 and then a million caregivers. They are the power and fuel in healthcare.


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