Solving People Problems

Developed Theories

Empathatic Economy ©

An Empathetic Economy© is one that produces, conceives and implements services and solutions that impact communities, policies, organizations and programs that are born out of

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The POWER Principle ©

The focus on power is an element of leadership to manage, lead, inspire and potentially deliver an adverse effect when not understood. The role and

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Weaponized Diversity ©

The need to change the way we view diversity is critical to the longevity of all businesses and organizations. This theory introduces a strategic platform to understand and implement diversity on next frontier for discovering how to bridge the gap between racial, social and economic impacts that necessitate system, dialogue and supply chain leadership in organizations, C-suites and institutions.

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The Nexus Effect is a theory that explores decision making and information contained within the Nexus. We all live and work within a nexus. This nexus allows us to think, gather information and understand our reality. The ability to understand the nexus is to deep dive on connections and relatable effects in-time and across time to discern impacts, decision-making and implications for our world.

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The GAP © Principle

The GAP: a seminal predictive method to explore new innovations, exploit current business opportunities, identify new and changing events that impact the nature of participants’ industry and/or business.

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