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Ideas for Friday Power Language

The end of the week brings pride and relief to another 5 days of accomplishment. Friday can bring happiness if fortunate not to work on the weekends or have more time for life. The end of the workweek is a time to also refuel and encourage creativity and innovation in one’s life; as we enter into Friday, start the day with great energy, not seeking the end but inspiring yourself and others for opportunities to live your best self.

Take Fridays to journal, reflect and explore seize the day moments. Friday is not an ending but a beginning for the next work week. When Friday is appreciated as an ending, Monday is seen as the beginning, which can be slow. When each day is valued for itself, the opportunity to increase focus is top of mind.

Working can lead to some schizophrenia in that it is easy to separate work from the other parts of life. We live one full life, work is one continuous part, and a great life is not separate. A full life is to be fully appreciated. Those who separate work from life are typically waiting for vacation or retirement to live their best life. My mother, Bettye Oldham, said. “Live life now.”

Today, remove the end-of-week mantra and enter your work life as potential to thrive, pursue engagement and seize the outcomes you expect. Friday is no longer an end but an opportunity to be your best self before entering into other activities.

You may ask why this shift is important? The importance is in perspective. If something is at an end, the approach is either to muddle through or pick up the pace to close. Whereas Friday is neither is it is as valuable and relevant to your focus as the other days of work.

“Each day is worthy of the next, so live powerfully.”

by Tyra Oldham

Celebrate work not because it is a job but your venture to socialization, economic development, and learning. Ok, I can hear people sharing socialization? Many are at work more than home, so your colleagues are a part of your life. Yes, economic development. As you earn, you determine how effective your wage is to your skillset and how you will manage what you earn. Yes, your workplace is a learning vessel about the work and strategy, communication, politics, personalities, and more.

Go into Friday rejuvenated and prepared to do well and allow Saturday and Sunday as integral to life.


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