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Monday Madness Motivation

Monday is sometimes a day of challenge to get started. On Friday you think this is the end of the week and Monday is the beginning. The thinking that one day is the end and the other is the beginning is the mental madness that creates stress, tension, and thoughts about the week ahead. The opportunity is to change and shift perspectives on Monday.

Monday is the start of new projects, meetings, downloads, and updates, yet where are you in this process? You are the producer and deliverer of goals and ideas, so relax and maintain good motivation every day. When days are no longer hallmarks of how you feel, the day becomes about the work and clarifies what must be done everywhere in your life.

Today is Monday; treat it like every day. Get your coffee or some Redbull and other tea and move into each minute and hour with power that only you can deliver. Stop hiding behind the apps and lean into the day with joy. Okay, I hear some people laughing about joy. The joy of the day does not mean you love your job. The joy means accepting it has to be done and do it! If you have to confess to a friend or colleague about a boss or project or pay, do it and move on. Do not let sour feelings or thoughts inhabit your day or week. Sour or bad thoughts only diminish your outlook.

Today is no longer Monday Madness. Today is Monday and your motivating so enjoy and have a great week.

“Be in each day for today it is the only day.”

“Be in each day for today is the only day.”

by Tyra Oldham


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