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Ready to engage and support your needs, Tyra Oldham is a Business and Social Futurist identifying emergent trends and turns ideas into reality. Consultation services include theories on emerging technology, social change and interfaces that impact our world. Tyra is caring and responsive to the things that matter today and into the future. She develops and creates solutions to address the issues that impact us in business, socially and infrastructurally.

My Backstory

I am a venture entrepreneur and solutions expert with a passion to assist others to get to their goals. I am a consultant, author, artist and inventor. My passion to deliver ideas, strategies and solutions to people and organizations all started at an early age listening to my father solve problems in his business and my mother manage social and educational issues with in the city of Cincinnati.

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Developed Theories

The Biggest Killer is Self-Sabotage

By Dr. Tyra Oldham Leader in Human Interface This is a two-part series on self-sabotage. Self-sabotage the number one killer of ideas, happiness, success, motivation,

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Multidisciplinary Institute ©

Consider the organizational changes that have taken place over the last ten years. The next ten and twenty years will produce significant changes in intelligence,

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Empathatic Economy ©

An Empathetic Economy© is one that produces, conceives and implements services and solutions that impact communities, policies, organizations and programs that are born out of

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