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The Biggest Killer Is Self-Sabotage Part Two

“The ability to overcome self-sabotage is invaluable for an extraordinary and developmental life. The work is to be aware before the sabotage begins.”

By Dr. Tyra Oldham

Let’s review self-sabotage as the act to end or speed up an inevitable event or problem that is likely to occur without fact. Self-sabotage is driven by our emotion that is often not true or in evidence. The person believes that if they strike first, the pain will be less, yet there is still pain and a process to contend with during the event and after. The ability to quickly respond in haste to disrupt a future act can end in the disappointment predicted.
The solution to self-sabotage is often in relearning and changing the way you view a situation. One big step is to assess relationships that support negative self-talk. If a person does not inspire, it may be time to fire. Also, looking at someone else’s life and comparing it is not good. What is for you is yours. Everyone is on their unique path and timeline. The ability to accept the here is now is invaluable to good health and self-talk. Remember, even those with riches or success have challenges. Self-sabotage should not tell you that you are lacking. Reduce the time each day walking down the street, entering a job, speaking to someone else, and knowing that the outcome will be negative. Engaging with others is an exchange of knowledge that can lead us forward. But we often fail to realize that when we engage with another or walk into a job interview, those other things are happening around us that are building us, changing us, and forming us into the best human beings we can become.

To believe in loss as evil is a misconception of life. Loss makes room for adding and is an opportunity to gain and grow. We do not have to bind ourselves to situations. Situations change, and sometimes looking at them makes a big difference. Okay, this is not pie in the sky talk but applying thinking that supports your goals. Sometimes we have other people’s goals placed upon us that we live. Living another’s life can be self-sabotage, creating pain and negativity while denying yourself of your gifts and potential. Imagine waking up in the morning and understanding that life has the potential for great things to happen. The saboteur will see what’s great and dismiss it, seeking to find wrong or devalue the existing good. The false hope of the unreasonable can challenge the saboteur by seeking money by playing the lottery and finding upset in life because they did not win, further amplifying that the world is not supportive. Sabotage can occur when opportunities for success feel out of the sphere of influence, and the conditions of their happiness are at risk. These are feelings that reaffirm self-sabotaging events or thinking. You may not win the lottery or achieve a goal; opportunities exist when you move forward in the present. The number one killer is self-sabotage. Today, I offer that we stop being a saboteur in our won lives and manage life at present without expecting more. The best life comes by being the leader of your own mind-body and soul. Stay focused to allow your thoughts to manage communication effectively and work toward your goals understanding the role of negotiation, acceptance, and sometimes compromise. Life without sabotage is abundant, transparent, and progressive toward obtaining your best life.
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